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Water and a Singer’s Vocal Health (and an excuse to post Susan Boyle)

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Singers, like all performers, want to stay healthy and be at the top of their game. To keep their voices in tip-top shape they should maintain good hydration and a healthy diet.

  To keep the vocal chords and throat properly hydrated, it’s been suggested singers drink at least 64ozs., or 8 glasses, of pure fresh and room temperature water daily. This amount can vary, however, due to external temperature variances and the individual’s tendency to perspire. It can also take as long as 20 minutes for the water one drinks to circulate and reach the larynx so drinking water regularly throughout the day is recommended. The singer should increase his/her water intake by an additional 16-32ozs., or 2-4 glasses, a day for the 2-4 days prior to a performance. If, however, the performer still feels underhydrated, gargling with warm salt water can provide rapid hydration for the throat and vocal cords. Eating fresh, non-citrus, fruits, and broth soups with fresh vegetables has been found to be quite helpful as well. 

Visit, or read Dr. F. Batmanghelidj’s book, “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” to find out more about water and health.

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