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 So here’s to health.

There are 4 predominant factors that contribute to chronic and degenerative disease, esp. as we age: (1) Free Radical Damage; (2) Chronic Inflammation; (3) Hyperinsulemia; and, (4) Stress (excess or diminished cortisol).  Optimal health is proactively working to prevent all four. 

To maintain health and improve with age we focus on five areas: (1) The power of positive mental thinking and focus (there really is a power of attraction so be positive and attract the positive); (2) Regular exercise for all its’ known benefits; (3) A diet rich in whole foods (not processed) and especially dark-colored fruits and vegetables known to be rich in antioxidants; (4) Taking time to get your restorative sleep each day/night; and, (5) Supplements.

What supplements do you take?  And how often?



1) Greens First – Refreshing Taste Vegetable & Fruit Antioxidant Morning Blend     2) Omega Essential Fatty Acids     3) Dream Protein – Hormone Free Whey Protein     4) Red Alert – Afternoon Phytonutrient Fruit Antioxidant Blend    5) Rice Bran Fiber        

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5 Responses to “Lifestyle IS Living”


We had a neighbor who sold fruit and vegetable supplements as large pills. Gonna try your morning and afternoon blends because it’s easier for us to mix and drink than swallow big pills. It seems the nutrients will be available faster to digestion too. What’s the difference between the two? Does the afternoon Red Alert have caffeine in it?

So I read up on your antioxidants and thot i’d give ’em a try. I’m surprised by the nice taste of Greens First (I was expecting somthing like the taste of twigs or something). Nice little flavor with a hint of mint so i mixed the Greens with your Dream Protein…and like it even better. My favorite is vanilla protein with the greens 1st in the morning. My body, my cells, love it. Don’t know how to describe it but my cells sort of calm down and are happy. I’m adding red alert and the protein mid-afternoon to keep me from snacking on junk. Tastes good and feels good. I’m liking it.


Terry-thanks for cruising my site. Here’s the info.

The morning blend-Greens First-has 30 calories & 3 grams of carbohydrates per serving; mixes in water; contains 49 super foods, extracts and concentrates including super greens, vegetables, fruits, probiotics, soluble and insoluble fibers, herbs, spices, natural flavonoids, enzymes and lecithin; and one “scoop” mixed with one cup water is proven to have the antioxidant power of 10 plus servings of fruit & vegetables (determined via an independent ORAC analysis).

The afternoon blend-Red Alert-has 30 calories & 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving; contains a proprietary Probiotic Blend of more Certified Organic Fruits than Vegetables for healthy digestion; has no added stimulants or artificial ingredients yet acts like a great afternoon energy drink

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Which antioxidant “blend” is better if I’m going to try one at a time? The greens first or the red alert?

If you’re only going to use one antioxidant blend, start with the Greens First in the morning. This helps your body start the day off right, especially as it’s just come off a several-hours sleep and fast. Enjoy!


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